The Palm Z22 – like most other recent Palm handhelds – shipped without a cradle. Brando, my favourite aftermarket cradle(Tungsten T5 cradle modified for E2 use) manufacturer attempted themselves at the impossible task of creating a cradle for a handheld with the sync port at the top…and they did a good job.

As always, Brandos products ship in yellow envelopes from Hong Kong. Austrian customs left them along so far:
 The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review  The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review  The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review

The cradle itself is contained in a transparent foil:
 The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review
When you look at the cradle, you immediately see the unusual configuration of the Brando Palm Z22 thingy. The long cable connects to the PC, while the short cable connects the apparature to the docked Palm Z22:
 The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review
Brando couldn’t resist the temptation to include a blue LED; however, there is no hotsync button:
 The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review
Getting the rather short mini usb cable attached to the Palm Z22 takes a bit of skill at first – however, once connected, the Palm Z22 sits well. Charging a powered on Palm Z22 is no problem btw:
 The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review  The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review
Overall, Brando tackled the impossible and got it working. Their cradle looks cool and works well – if you like cradles, it’s a must have! The price of 20$ is ok…

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2 Responses to “The Brando Palm Z22 cradle review”

  1. G’day. The Brando Palm Z22 cradle How much will you charge to ship this item to Germany and how do I make payment. Thank You Terry

  2. Hi,
    I am sorry, but we don’t sell this at all!

    Get in touch with Brando please!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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