Reading a text is usually the fastest way to analyze its contents. But you can’t read text sometimes; and then getting someone to read the text to you is great. OK, SymbicTalker can’t create a person, but it can get your Palm OS handheld talking anyways.

Symbics Talker essentially is a text-to-speech framework that developers should add to their applications. Symbic created an application called Talker/Tester to simplify integration-and this app is available for free if you install Talker to your SD card:
 Symbic Talker review

Talker/Tester can read the clipboard’s content to you. The voice output isn’t perfect, but one can understand the texts easily. Click the plus button a few times to increase volume!

Talker is shareware costing 1$-but the nagging demo version works forever. It needs about 200k of RAM and 5 meg of VFS space.

Overall, this definitely isn’t Tamoggemon’s final word about Symbic’s technology. Stay tuned for updates to your registered apps..and for articles on the integration process!

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3 Responses to “Symbic Talker review”

  1. Thanks for sharing the information on this application. I love it… Look forward to more on this soon………… Sample applications are great too. I have tried two of them and now have time to try the others. Again thanks for sharing……………. Calling all palm developers….. Look at this…

  2. Hi,
    it was a pleasure!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. Chatopus has already integrated with Symbic Talker. It can read your instant messages.

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