One of the most common hotsync problems with the WristPDA is that one can’t easily install its Palm Desktop on a machine where there already is a Palm desktop for another kind of handheld like a Tungsten T3. The Palm driver files all have the same name, and thus overwrite one another.

However, this isn’t neccecary. I have my WristPDA and my Palm Tungsten T3 hotsyncing against the same Outlook profile on my Medion Win2k workstation – and this is how I did it.

Step one – find drivers
The drivers for your WristPDA can be found on the CD-ROM that accompanied it. They are in the subfolder DriversWin2K_XP. Copy the three files onto your hard disk(put them in a subfolder of C: for best results).

Step two – make drivers coexist with Palm/Sony/foo drivers
The problem that we have with the WristPDA drivers is that they have the same name as the Palm drivers, and thus replace them. So, we need to rename our driver files as following:

PalmUSBD.sys becomes FossUSBD.sys
USBTransport.dll becomes FossUSBTransport.dll
PalmUSBD.inf becomes FossUSBD.inf

Step three – adjust Windows Driver install instructions
The INF file contains the instal instructions that your Windows box executes when installing a hardware. Open the inf file with Notepad, and use Search/Replace to do the following replacements:

PalmUSBD to FossUSBD
UsbTransport.dll to FossUSBTransport.dll

Step four – install the driver
Now, connect the WristPDA with your PC and start a hotsync procedure. The desktop PC will mention that a new hardware has been detected, and will ask you for a driver. Tell it that you want to chose the driver yourself, and choose the INF file that you created before(dont know exact menus as my box is german, sorry). A list of Palm OS devices will pop up, choose Fossil WristPDA and click OK.

If you execute these steps correctly(and I didnt forget anything from yesterday), your WristPDA and your other Palm handheld should coexist from now on. In fact, the PalmOne conduits even sync it with Outlook…

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