I have posted before on palm music software, but always about where we are now. I thought it would be useful to post on the chronology of palm music making software. As it is a fascinating subject (to me anyway). Also, it is useful to know what software is still around and might be useful to Palm OS 4 users as well. Before I go further I’d like to point out that this is just about software that helps you make music and doesn’t include tuners, players metronomes etc, and it is not a complete list, it just gives you a flavour of what happened and when.

Let’s start back in 1997: We had apps like 4 Octave Piano, and PocketSynth, both good apps for making notes.

1998: Pocket Piano, simple sequencer and lots of fun.

1999: MiniMusic get’s going with MiniPiano and MiniGrid, eventual precursors to NotePad 1.4. We also get Theremini (very fun). NotePad first appears.

2000: BeatPad sequencer released.

2001: MelodyPad allows a conduit based MIDI export. ittyMIDI player comes out allowing playback of MIDI files. MiniMIDI appears allowing a palm to control external MIDI devices.

2002: RhythmPro drum machine appears.

2003: PocketDJ flash based music app for Clie PDAs. MusicStudio polyphonic app, again working well with Clies with built in MIDI chips and external MIDI modules. Wave Edit Pro (not strictly a music app, but excellent for sound editing). MusicPal, more sequencing and MIDI. TuneSketcher, simple sequencing / editing. Microbe released, synths and a drum machine all in one application, and then, Bhajis Loops begins giving sequencing, sampling, sound editing and synthesis and eventually export to .wav files!

2004: Palm Drum Kit Studio, nice drum app but no recording.

2005: SoundPad FM Synth app, a major leap forward for Palm Music creating a suite of applications that will all work together (SoundPad, NotePad, and BeatPad). Virtual Piano launches.

2006: ? Not much really this year, at least not in the way of new applications, updates and new version sure. Where will we go next with mobile music making on a palm?

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5 Responses to “Chronology of Palm Music”

  1. There is a full music creation program for the Palm called Bhajis Loops. PalmAddicts podcaster Tyler Faux uses a tune made with it for the beginning of his podcast. You can find the program at http://www.chocopoolp.com/bj_index.php

  2. Bhajis is my app of choice, and it is mentioned. It is a shame that it isn’t being updated anymore.

    Palm Sounds

  3. From the Chocopoolp site, I like the simpler Microbe for music creation. I don’t have much musical experience, so it’s just about right for me, especially for passing time on long train commutes.

  4. Good point on Psytexx2. You are quite right. What I should do of course is write something completely fresh about Pystexx.

    Also, I agree with the comment on Microbe. I love it for spending time just mucking about and making tunes. When I have something I want to develop I export it out to Bhajis Loops.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Palm Sounds

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