The people at AllAboutSymbian seem to have telepatchic capabilities recently. They recently posted a post about how most Series 60 users don’t “want to” understand the Series 60 OS and treat it as they would treat any other IOS:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare myself guilty of not having purchased or used a single third party application for my now dead Siemens SX1 for more than half a day. Yeah, I had a file manager on it – but this thingy was used like once a year at best. The only benefit that I reaped from the innovative operating system was the capability to transmit more than one photo at the same time – and this as a Palm OS developer.

The reason for this actually is simple – people who already have a PDA and are satisfied with it(Palm Tungsten T3) usually dont see a need to try out software for their mobile phone. For them, the handheld is the notebook – and the mobile phone only adds extra functionality to the handheld, sort of like a bluetooth dongle adds functionality to a PC.

So, the only kind of software that they would use are things that make the “connection” between the two devices even stronger. For example, the file manager made it easier to transfer images from the SX1 to the Palm – thus, it stayed on the mobile phone. Games, clocks or calculators, on the other hand, took up space where more photos could reside – so they usually were booted off the box before the evaluation period ended.

IMHO, the Series 60 economy must start to accept the “Tam Hanna’s” in their market sector – and the faster they do it, the better. While most people who buy an expensive Palm Treo smartphone understand that it is so expensive because of the capability to add third party applications, a person who chooses a Series 60 machine because it looks cool or is pink will probably never feel a need to add a feature!

What Series 60 developers should instead do is focus on the existing niche of interested customers – those that are interested in stuff like gaming, for example. Creating a market out of nowhere usually is difficult, entering a market is rather easy…

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “On Series 60 – AllAboutSymbian writes about my SX1 experience more-less”

  1. Bingo! I sometimes wonder if there’s a whole lot folks that got a S60 phone and actually go online to look for software…

  2. Hi Bernie,
    full ack.

    BTW, my SX1 has just come back…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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