Chosing the right case for your PDA isn’t always easy, there are already too many different models (ranging from ugly to beautyful, from “zero-protection” to “built like a tank” – and almost everything inbetween) available.
If you’re looking for an exclusive and protective case for your expensive toy, you should have a look at the FreaQs-Collection:

bookstyle case Snugfit case 

Handmade from a constantly changing range of leather and fabric, mostly no two cases are alike. You can alway rest assured that no-one else owns a case just like yours.

There are three different styles available:

Saugschmatz - a snug-fit case called “Saugschmatz”
Oki- a holster-like case for smartphones calles “Oki”
bookstyle klein FreaQs Leathercases   protection and style at its best- a flipcase called “Bookstyle”


The design, additional features and customizations are at your choice, Smutje – the guy who makes these cases – is a real artist (You can see a lot of pictures of his work here [Thread at]). Even entirely custom made cases for devices not listed on his homepage are possible. Just ask him and he’ll see what he can do for you. (Prices are reasonable: 45 USD for a standard case - a bit more if you want a custom design)

 As you can see from the following pictures, he puts a lot of love and dedication in making these cases. Even the wrapping is simple but elegant :-)

My FreaQs 1 My FreaQs 2 My FreaQs 3 My FreaQs 4 My FreaQs 5 My FreaQs 6

The quality of the cases is outstanding. The inside of the cases is lined with super soft microfibre, all seams are done several times with heavy-duty yarn and the front is reinforced to protect your screen. I use my case every day and (after a few months) it still looks like I’ve never used it :-)


I never liked leather cases for my palms since they weren’t useful for me, or to bulky, or just too ugly. Now, finally, I found a case that fits my needs and my Palm like a glove.

If you want to have a unique and stylish case made exactly the way you like it, theres only one choice: FreaQs…. and don’t wait too long, or the leather you just fell in love with is gone forever!



Update: There’s a new line available for the LifeDrive, called BlunQ (shown here in a special custom made design):

BlunQ 1 BlunQ 2

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  1. I just got my custom microfiber freaQ in the mail. I’ve got a picture and a writeup on my personal blog at

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