For a “workaholic” like me, the summer holidays are the hardest time of the year. No “seconard schedule” that prevents insomnia, no “secondary” tasks to keep your brain spinning, you probably understand what I am trying to say. Anyways, when a Palm OS coder is on insomnia, he has mad ideas for Palm powered projects.

My idea was creating a Palm OS app that lets you use a hardkey to go back to the application you used last. So, for example, you run AutoSync, change into Binary Clock and press the button afterwards – back to AutoSync you go!

Due to mental diligence, I decided to post a little thread at 1src asking if anyone:

  • Knew a program that did that
  • Anyone wanted a program that did that

The response was simple and came within 12h. Such a program exists(in many varieties, some even free) – so, entering this “market” with a simple 4$ program won’t pay out.

Consider this: 10 minutes saved me a day of worthless coding! If that isn’t a very good time investment, what is?

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