Product Requirements: Palm m500, m505

The case is made of high impact, injection molded ABS plastic(the type used to make crash helmets, according to Proporta). I’ve personally stepped on mine and dropped the case with no ill-effects to either PDA or case. I doubt that it’s very waterproof, lacking rubber gasket seals. The case has a unique interchangeable front and back snap-in color plates feature. If you can’t make up your mind which color insert you like, you can buy their optional colored inserts (now you see why it’s called the “Chameleon”). The review unit I received had blue inserts. These plates can be purchased separately and are also available in Red, Dark Green and Blue. Unfortunately, the plates are difficult to change.
Figure A Chameleon Palm m500 Series ABS Plastic Protective Case review

The Palm m500 PDA is held in the Chameleon with a plastic rail which fits securely in the left stylus slot. Inserting and removing the PDA from this case is not difficult. Luckily, you don’t need to remove your PDA from this case in order to sync with the cradle.
Figure B Chameleon Palm m500 Series ABS Plastic Protective Case review

The inside of the case is lined with padded foam to lessen shock and protect your PDA’s finish. It also has a SD slot on the inside back side of the case. I guess I should say that it is supposed to have an SD card slot… I was not able to get my SD card to fit in this slot. It just didn’t seem wide enough. The case closes securely when your Palm is not in use via a sliding latch.
Figure C Chameleon Palm m500 Series ABS Plastic Protective Case review

All in all, the Chameleon is a great case that is protective and stylish. Now my Palm has a home.
Figure D Chameleon Palm m500 Series ABS Plastic Protective Case review

Addon by Tam Hanna for David Zucker: my Palm m500 dropped out of my car window today and survived without a scratch thanks to the case. ~$23.95 to $29.95 US

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