Dmitry Grinberg, programmer of programs like UDMH and WarpSpeed recently announced the purchase of a PocketPC on 1src. In the announcement, he stated that:

No, I am not leaving or stopping development yet, but i do intend to gradually shift my efforts over that way. Unless I see a NON-PHONE pda out in the fall, i will shift ALL resrouces to WM.

Immediately, users began to bicker about how Dmitry should stay with the Palm OS, etc, etc. Indeed, Dmitry has created nice Palm OS programs – but I think that this stepo was obvious for everyone.

As the Palm OS is starting to “sink”, everyone who has free resources is trying to evaluate other platforms. Tamoggemon Software itself evaluated Symbian Series 60 OS’s about a year ago with the Siemens SX1 – and decided, that at the current point of time, the Palm OS is still the best choice.

The only difference between an ordinary evaluation and Dmitry’s one is the amount of PR. While the regular software house will say nothing about future plans, Dmitry decided to share his thinking with the people reading 1src.

So, everyone, keep your hair on! Most if not all Palm OS developers IMHO are currently evaluating or planning to evaluate an ejection route from the Palm OS. If Palm finally pulls the plug on Palm OS Garnet PDA’s, you’ll be astonished at the plethora of announcements from all kinds of developers. Dmitry said aloud what most shops are currently doing hiddenly.

And BTW, Tamoggemon will probably be in the PocketPC camp!

P.s. Treos are included in the PDA word. It makes no difference for me if Binary Clock runs on a GSM-capable machine or not.

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3 Responses to “Dmitry Grinberg evaluating PocketPC…so what?”

  1. We still dont know what palm itself might be developing, so shouldn’t all the developers wait before making such big decisions?

  2. why should developers wait? I’m a developer myself and earlier this year I switched my development efforts from PalmOS to Windows Mobile.

    why? because my customers ask me for it.
    Do I hate it? no!!!! finally decent development tools

    The only killer app I’m missing at the moment is DateBk5 (or at least the weekview of it)

  3. Since WE do not know what PalmOne is up to, in reference to OS and future HW development.

    I have also been exploring, rewrite the one application that I wrote for the PALM and give away free, if I can rewrite in JAVA, so I can be independent to the OS.

    I agree with HIS decision and I like it that he told us what he is doing… That is better than wondering…

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