When one looks at a lot of Nintendo hits, one wonders about what makes those games so popular. They are simple, one can beat some of them in less than a minute. The graphics are average, but nevertheless, people go all bonkers about them.

Today, we will start off with a practical example-a pyjama party(it makes a lovely example, trust me). Patty, the host, wants to entertain her guests in a modern fashion-Tonic binge drinking and step dancing isn’t exactly what she wants. So, she decided to go out and get some IT stuff from her buddy. Her buddy installs two machine groups-a Nintendo 64(running, say Mario Party) with a little TV and four controllers, and a network of four ultra-highend-Alienware PC’s running Caste Wolfenstein or another cutting edge game.

As the party is running, one looks at the gamers playing-if you didn’t invite hardcore gamers, the PC’s will probably sit there abandoned. Understanding Wolfenstein takes way to long for the regular party-goer-and if nobody is there to explain, it is next to impossible!

On the other hand, Mario Party is so intuitive that one understands if after just a few seconds…and gamers will probably gather around the Nintendo 64. They won’t stay at the system for a very long time, but they will have fun-loads of fast-paced, quick fun.

Overall, when designing a game, sometimes allowing for simple adoption is a great idea. It may not get you the love of hardcore gamers(they would gather round the Wolfenstein boxen probably), but casual gamers will love you for it. And always keep one thing in mind(else you’ll be egocentric, just like the FSF is being accused of here): hardcore gamers are a few percent of the gaming market…

Stay tuned-next part coming soon!

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2 Responses to “Nintendo’s ultimate secret-Part 1, simplicity”

  1. Nintendo is popular just because it’s simple and easy, everyone could have fun with it.

  2. Hi,
    head shot!

    You hit the point!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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