The Palm OS spreadsheet market has recently become a twoman show(imho) – Dataviz against Mobisystems, with Cesinc beeing on the way out(imho). Each of these suites can do loads of things – but they are incredibly heavy filesize-wise.and most of the included features(native file support) aren’t useful for WristPDA users. MiniCalc is not a doitall product – it focusses on the gist of Excel and thus is small and fast…

When starting MiniCalc, one immediately sees that the developer has thought about ease of use – you can either look at a list of books, or look at the individual sheets:
books MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA sheets MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA
After opening a sheet, the good impression continues. A variety of zoom levels allow you to customize your view:
zoomdef MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA zoomin MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA zoommax MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA
The editing screen itself is full of gadgets that help navigate/enter data. Tapping the gadgets requires a bit of dexterity-but the useful features pay out. For example, you get a popover numeric keyboard, a text box that shows more field contents and a variety of scroll modes:
gad1 MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA gad2 MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA
The spreadsheet itself fared well in my test. All necessary functions are there, the calculations work fast and well. Formatting output was no problem either – the calculation shown below will be too familiar to Palm OS developers:
devcalc MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA
MiniCalc contains an optional chart module that produces acceptable charts on the go:
ch1 MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA ch2 MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA chs MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA
MiniCalc is totally modular – you can remove unneeded functions to save space(!!!):
lib MiniCalc review   Excel for WristPDA

This review covered MiniCalc version 7.2.2 on an Abacus AU5008 WristPda. Fully installed, the program takes up about 300k, but can be slimmed down. The products homepage is:

MiniCalc contains a desktop conduit as well – however, this review focusses on the handheld component. A 15day demo version is available though – so try it out before buying!

Overall, SolutionsInHand did a great job with MiniCalc. The program is very small but still flexible enough for almost every Excel task. If you need a spreadsheet for your WristPDA and can miss out on native file support, this could be your ideal app!
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2 Responses to “MiniCalc review – Excel for WristPDA”

  1. Have you looked at Additon4Palm? I know it’s been a while since it’s been updated, but it works. I’m playing with it at this moment, and I suspect it might actually work also on a wristpda. It also works in Mac and Windows, and deals with wk1 files, rather than CVS, a plus in my book.


  2. I liked the review and I downloaded a trial MiniCalc onto my AU5005. I would like to use it for a lot of list data but I cannot get it to word wrap. Yup, I thought I followed the directions. Did MiniCalc word wrap for you? If so, what did you do?
    Thanks again for the review.


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