The resason why TamsPalm is so silent today is simple-my Treo 600 finally arrived for AutoSync testing.

I will write more about the Palm Treo 600 in the next few days as it is a very cool phone available very cheap on ebay – for now, here are a few indoors evening shots of the Palm Treo 600′s camera(click for unedited images).

The first Treo shot is a photo of the staircase with half of the available lights on. Noise everywhere – not something I would want to share…
indoors First impressions of the Treo 600s camera
A white paper useful for spotting distortions – but there are none… . White balance is catastrophic though.
paper First impressions of the Treo 600s camera
Here we have a Palm T3 running Binary Clock in fair desk lighting:
t3 First impressions of the Treo 600s camera
Last but not least the feared TV test. The Treo 600 fared impressively here, no distortions whatsoever.
tv First impressions of the Treo 600s camera
As you can probably see, quality is mostly acceptable. However, I definitely prefer my Sx1 so far – anyone knows a replacement camera app for Treo smartphones?

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  1. There is an app that lets you control the JPEG compression in the camera. If I can remember the name, I’ll let you know. I think I got it from a link in the TreoCentral forums.

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