I just got the german c’t magazine into my hands(nice delay, I know – blame my vacation). Anyways, the thong that struck me by far the most was that some bozo at Microsoft’s had decided that Windows 2000 users would need to reinstall the OS in order to upgrade to Windows Vista.

Eek! As if Microsoft didn’t already have enough problems motivating Windows 2000 users to move to Windows XP, they now make the switch even more difficult. Highend Windows 2000 workstations like my Medion P4 or a friend’s Compaq notebook have no problems handling at least Windows Vista Basic – but if a full reinstall is needed, this is a very bad idea.

IMHO, upgrades should be as easy as humanly possible(look at Binary Clock for Palm OS for an example) to motivate customers to take the plunge – if the upgrade is difficult, only diehard fanatics will even attempt it.

Yes, I know that Windows 2000 is very, very old and that many Windows 2000 machines won’t be upgradeable – but nevertheless, if you try to get the customers(a reduced-price upgrade is available), do it the right way and offer them an upgrade path.

As for me, I wont upgrade my workstation if it requires a complete reinstall – will you?

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