When I first purchased the Palm Tungsten E2 to aid me in testing, I expected hours and hours of gaming fun in boring English lessons – after all, both the Palm Tungsten T3 and the Palm Tungsten E2 had Bluetooth.

However, I was heavily disappointed – and now I also understand why. The probability that two Palms meet is very low, and thus developing multiplayer games that require multiple Palm OS handhelds is no especially fruitful business.

Nintendo, on the other side, has created a nearly perfect “game world” based on two tiers:
Automatic “game sharing
Nintendo has apparently realized that it is very rare that gamers meet who have the same console. When those gamers meet, the probability that they carry the same game along is even smaller – so, requiring both players to have a module in order to play is a bad idea.

Instead, the Nintendo DS has some kind of “shadow memory”, from where programs can be executed. Now, when a multiplayer game begins, the “host” who has the cartridge shoots out little “images” to the clients sort of like PC’s booting from a network.

Hotseat mode
As already said, the probability that two gamers with the same machine meet is very, very low. So, what about returning to an old concept of the 80’s – turn based gaming.

I won’t say more about this now(be tuned, more on this is…umm, said too much; lets hope my Tamoggemon buddies don’t read this); but as you see, Nintendo really did everything possible to make sure that multiplayer games are a nice experience…

Stay tuned-next part coming soon!

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