Alexander Gratz just told me that you need two extra files called CompressionPng and CompressionZlib for beaming notes. Thanks, Alex – it now works
When I got my Treo 600, the first thing I missed was a freehand sketch application. While third party products like BugMe were available, buying those for a secondary device is overkill imho. So, I decided to rom nick a bit – and tada, here is a Treo 600 running Note Pad:
 Note Pad for Treo 600

Accomplishing this feat was not difficult – start FileZ on a OS5 machine with Note Pad(I used a Palm Tungsten T3), and beam the following files over:

  • Note Pad
  • Note Pad_enUS

After that, return to the launcher and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Note Pad for Treo 600”

  1. Hi, just a note to say “thank you!” for this. I use a Tungsten T2 and have recently bought a Treo 650 and was NOT chuffed when I found NotePad was missing! Tried this using FileZ and sent every Notepad file I could find and hey presto! I now have NotePad on my Treo! Hooray! I also use Diddlebug, but I like the fact that you can get more info on NotePad because you can scroll down. So thanks again!

  2. Hi Dave,
    it was a great pleasure to see that you enjoy this article!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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