Welcome to TamsPalm, readers/visitors of the Carneval of the Vanities. TamsPalm is a medium-sized blog that carries interesting and amusing news on Palm OS handhelds, entrepeneurship, business, marketing, life, employees and running a software house! I decided to split this carnival up into sections and decided to filter a bit, too – feel free to comment if you dislike anything I did!

Before I start the posts, I want to thank all hosts for submitting their wonderful posts. I tried to select only those posts that really fit – this carnival of the vanities should truly contain only posts I would print out to read(and will).

Francois Tremblay has an interesting post on making mistakes(this seems to be a hot topic right now). He looks at them from a political system’s view; but his theories and conclusions are very interesting for everyone who runs a business.

You should really check your product name’s meaning in foregin languages – as Jack Cluth illustrates in an impressive fashion.

Jack’s shack has a post on religion and morality.

aparna has a post on the power of a nap. I personally prefer a coke(just reminded me…gotta link up with that coke brand in germany)/tonic water to a nap, but if a nap helps you, go straight ahead.

Oops..one of my favourite topics. Glad there are some good posts on it here!
Dan Melson has a good post on why its dangerous to force tired people to work. He looks at air traffic controllers, but the conclusions could be important for anyone who runs a business(except if he employs subject teachers, that is =) ).

Wayne Hurlbert has a very interesting post titled you are not alone. He looks at Bloggers facing Blog fatigue, but the concepts given here make a good add-on to any manager’s arsenal.

Ian Anderson has a post called the 20$ trick that looks at how customers can bribe hotel clerks by tipping them…if your clerks are bribeable too, they either don’t get enough cash or don’t identify with the company enough…

FreeMoneyFinance looks at calculating the amount of cash you need to be on the safe side when retiring. For me, retirement is still very far away…but its always good to know(and I may just retire early…altough did you ever see a workaholic blogger retire??)!

Debt free has an interesting post about what rich people use their cash for(Dmitry, what about a comment?)

Aleksandr Kavokin has an interesting article on human tests for medicine

Lisa has a post on surviving a hurricane with a toddler.

Critical Mastiff has an article on Islamofacism. Its good, but rather long…

Jack Yoest has an interesting article on how Wal-Mart uses politics to get more sales. While a small Micro ISV can’t really benefit from it, it makes an interesting read nevertheless.

Mike has a post on different forms of government. The most remarkable thing about the article(and why I put it in the PR section) is the illustrations he uses(female breasts, altough no pornographic content) – very creative…

Well, thats it for this week’s carnival of the Vanities. I hope that you enjoyed my filtering and liked some of the extra stuff to read. You can stick around and look at our other content(the Editorials Category is a nice soup of stuff), comment on our content(free and anonymous) or you can just go back to your daily trot. I thank you for reading this, and wish you a nice day!

P.s. Want to submit one of your articles to the next Carnival of the Vanities? Great idea, the submission form is right here:

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7 Responses to “Carnival of the Vanities #207”

  1. Nice carnival, thanks so much for hosting!!

  2. It would have been nice to know ahead of time that you planned on “filtering a bit”… I wouldn’t have bothered.

  3. 207…

    The state of Maine is resisting efforts to give it a second area code, preferring to stick with 207. TamsPalm, the Palm OS Blog, presents Carnival of the Vanities #207, and since there’s only so much real estate on a……

  4. Tam,
    Thanks for including me in the Carnival. Tried to send you an e-mail but can’t find it on your blog. Two things – 1 miss-spell of “carnival” in your first sentence. 2- Although I quote John Adams on my blog, I am not, in fact, John Adams. He has been dead for some time.

    Interesting blog and nice work on the carnival. I’ve got a TREO 600 and thinking about upgrading, so will be checking in. – Thanks again.

  5. Thanks for the link.

  6. [...] It can be found live right here. [...]

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