TamsPalm reader reader/author and Binary Clock freak David Zucker recently sent me a Palm m500(thank you!!). This machine will be put to good use soon as a desk clock – here are a few photos of it:

This picture shows the Palm m500 in half-dim light with the backlight on. I decided to keep the backlight of the m500 on at all times to allow me to see it at night, too(bad for my insomnia, I know – but who cares). It still isnt as good as a color screen would be, but one can read the time:
lightondim Palm m500...my new binary clock/desk clock

This picture shows the m500 under my office lamp – backlight is still on, but one can read the screen well(much better than V):
lighton Palm m500...my new binary clock/desk clock

Last but not least, for comparison reasons, same lighting but backlight off:
lightoff Palm m500...my new binary clock/desk clock

The Palm m500 makes a very good desk clock except for the permanent, silent hiss it emits(louder when powered on) – but this seems to be a peculiarity of my unit.

If you are wondering about what program I use, its my own Binary Clock for Palm OS. If anyone of you wants me to review the m500, just comment – I’ll post the review in about a week!

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2 Responses to “Palm m500…my new binary clock/desk clock”

  1. Great! Will we see this machine again? Perhaps with some ROM hacks? :)

  2. Hi,
    who knows =)

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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