Much has changed in the last two years in my life…thanks also to TamsPalm readers and Tamoggemon Customers! However, one thing has stayed constant: my PDA. My trusty Tungsten T3 served me well and honestly…but now, the Palm Treo 600 has replaced it as my first PDA. Lets look at why I changed.

Basically, I changed because of lack of pockets. I have two trouser pockets – one contains keys and cash, and the other one of my PDA’s. So, while its summer, no dual PDA usage. I had to choose one model…

The following reasons motivated me towards the Treo:
The Treo 600′s keyboard accelerated text input by more than 100% compared to the Tungsten T3′s Grafitti 2 entry system. My main handheld use is emailing/writing, and that really works well on the Treo 600.

Incredible battery life
I use my PDA’s heavily. The Treo 600 has an incredible battery life, and survives a workday easily. The difference is really high, but that probably is due to the slower CPU and DSTN screen, too.

Very bright screen
Last but not least, the Treo’s screen is much brighter than the Tungsten T3′s. Using the T3 in the sun is hard, but the Treo works really well. The screen is lowres though – but this is no problem for most applications I run(read: no games, no videos)!

I managed to install VersaMail 2.7.1 with a bit of trickery…but more on that tomorrow. This is the second day of Treo usage – and so far, I didnt really miss anything seriously.

What do you think?

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5 Responses to “I ditched my Palm Tungsten T3…hello Palm Treo 600”

  1. I understand that you like the keyboard. I also do, on my Tungsten|C, and I’ve learnt to write very fast on it. My newest device is a MDA III / HTC Blue Angel which also has a keyboard, but I can’t write fast on it. And while the T|C has a good battery, the one of my smartphone is rather bad, imho.

  2. You do know there’s a bad side to all of this, right? After the Treo, you’ll HAVE to have a QWERTY phone :)

  3. Hi,
    thats what I fear…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. Great to hear. I just swithed from a TX to a Treo 600. I love it! Granted, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, no Hi-res screen. But the all-in-one benefits outway all of it! I am very pleased. Might I suggest using Snappermail over versamail? I find it to me a much better app.

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