Welcome to TamsPalm, readers/visitors of the Best of Me symphony. TamsPalm is a medium-sized blog that carries interesting and amusing news on Palm OS handhelds, entrepeneurship, business, marketing, life, employees and running a software house! I decided to split this carnival up into sections to make finding the posts easier – feel free to comment if you dislike my sorting.

Before I start the posts, I want to thank all hosts for submitting their wonderful posts. This carnival prohibits filtering, so please forgive me if some of the posts are boring/crazy/funky!

MyMoneyForest has an interesting article about broker fees.

Madeleine Begun Kane has a funny post on the madness of multi tasking(but hey, I just learned to do email on the loo!!! :-) ).

TFS Magnum has a blog post on how arming citizens reduces crime.

People and world views
Wars are a bad thing according to most people – but apperently, some can find good in them too. Jon Swift sees them as a manifestation of god – hmm…

Mark Rayner gives us a post on stone age men.

Jim Sullivan has a post on a drunken antartica explorer.

Leslie Carbone has a post on how a Prada logo ruins a film.

The Owners Manual has a poem I dont understand.

Dont ask me what this guy wants to tell me…but I feel sorry for the fallen man.

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  3. Thank you for including my submission in the symphony!

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    it was a pleasure!

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