I recently hang out at a Burger King with a friend of mine, and we were bored. So, we decided to test which Palm accesses VFS memory the fastest.

We had a Palm Tungsten T3, a Palm Tungsten E2 and a Palm Tungsten T5. The card used was a SimpleTech/HP 1GB SD card, and the benchmark program used was VFSMark(the standard – the numbers don’t mean anything but everyone publishes them :-) ). We ran each benchmark twice and then averaged the results.

Anyways, to cut a long story short – the Palm Tungsten T5 is the fastest, with the Palm Tungsten T3 second and the Palm Tungsten E2 being third.

The Palm Tungsten T3 and the Palm Tungsten T5 were more-less on par when reading data was concerned, the E2 was already lagging behind seriously in this discipline. When writing was concerned, the Palm Tungsten T5 overtook both Palm Tungsten T3 and Palm Tungsten E2 significantly. The Palm Tungsten T3 usually was a bit faster than the low-end Palm Tungsten E2 though!

A gif graph(17k, but big) of the results can be downloaded here. The full Excel spreadsheet containing all the data can be downloaded here.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “The VFS speed fight”

  1. What a hilariously fun waste of time. Thanks for the graph, er.. big graph, right, hehe. Nice to see the T5 I have is faster than a lowly E2. (I already knew that though.)

    Please do a updated post with some TX data too. Thanks.

  2. Tam, when do you publish my VFS speed results? ;)

  3. Hi,
    what astonished me the most was the big delta in writing speeds from T3 and T5…

    The Tungsten E2′s crawling was more-less expectable, altough I didnt expect it to lag so hard! The benchmark seems to be too CPU-heavy rather than focussing on the SD card.

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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