On Freeware-Palm.com you find a new dictionary software that shows you definitions of 122,000 English words. It is called ‘Noah’ Pro and has the following features:

  • definitions of 122 thousand words
  • lookup words directly from other programs (resident mode)
  • copy & paste definition to clipboard for use in other programs
  • support for external memory cards (SD/MMC memory cards, Memory Stick)
  • bookmark interesting words for future reference
  • 3 different ways of displaying the definition * display customization – choose your own fonts and colors
  • efficient use of memory thanks to high compression of data
  • support for latest Palm OS 5 devices
  • support for 5-Way Navigator in Treo, Palm Tungsten

Noah Pro Screenshot

I tested it shortly and can confirm that it works well on my Palm Tungsten C. The dictionary files (almost 7 MB) can be moved to the card, and although they contain 122,000 words, opening a word is quite fast. The only thing I miss at the moment is small font support. So, if you’re looking for a free English dictionary, try this and tell us your experiences.

Download: http://www.freeware-palm.com/download-noah-pro-english-dictionary.html

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