Gadget addiction is a very bad problem for me – when I see a new gadget, I usually try to buy it asap…and then use it to death. I stopped using the WristPDA quite some time ago, but am back to it now for a simple reason: OnBoardC.

My old programming box was a dual screen machine – and I almost always had PODS open on both screens in one sort or the other. When using the notebook, the Treo permanently runs Plucker displaying the API documentation. But when coding on the go with the Treo, I need a comfortable second screen – enter WristPDA.

Sitting comfortably round my left wrist(military style), I either run SrcEdit or Plucker on it all the time. Thus, when I need an API def or sth similar, all I need to do is look down…and tada!

For an OnBoardC programmer, getting a second handheld is more-less a must if you want to work dual-screened. The WristPDA may not be the cheapest option, but is very convinient as it doesnt lock up a hand and a shirt pocket.

What do you think?

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