The Fossil WristPDA is a very cool device(TamsPalm review here) – but it has its problems too. One of the most annoying ones occurs in combination with the Boxwave MiniSync.

Leaving the WristPDA connected to a powered-off PC(one that doesnt have standby USB power like the Peluga branded machines do) overnight leaves you with a dead WristPDA. Leaving it connected to the MiniSync alone seems to have the same effect!

Disconnect your WristPDA Charger from the WristPDA when not pumping in power – the battery will thank you for it!

Did something similar happen to you yet?

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2 Responses to “WristPDA deep discharge problem”

  1. No, mine is simultaneously connected to my PC and the wall outlet. The PC is usually off, but the Wrist PDA still charges.

  2. Some PC do pass thur power on USB EVEN the PC is off….the most safest way seems an unplug….

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