When betatesting applications, many UI quirks tend to repeat themselves over and over again – it looks like Marx was right after all(history repeats itself). Anyways, look at the screenshot below:
 On affording clicks

The texts in the red circle(I drew that in btw) are clickable in order to change options – if you can find them.

Every platform has established “platform UI guidelines” – those become patterns and burn into user’s minds. Palm OS users assume that things with a frame around them are clickable – and since these labels dont have a frame, their chance on getting a click is low. One could say that they don’t afford clicking.

Today’s UI hint is short and sweet: If you want users to click on something, make it look clickable. Ah, and I cant repeat it often enough – keep to the platform standards!

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3 Responses to “On “affording” clicks”

  1. The standard way to change those Easy Calc options is the Preferences menu.

  2. Hi,
    but why eat up extra clicks here?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. Because frame there will look ugly. I have installed this program yesterday and worked out that these labels are clickable in 5 seconds. Developers usually hate testers which invent unexisting issues. You do this now ;)

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