The Palm Treo 600 – like most other phones, to be fair – has a 2’5 inch headphone jack instead of the 3’5 inch one found on most media players and PDA’s. Brando offers a converter cable that allows you to use classic headphones on the Treo – lets see how that works!

Brando’s products ship from Hong Kong in rather small envelopes via standard mail. Customs seem to leave them alone, and stuff always arrived in good condition so far:
packfront Brando headphone jack adaptor inpack Brando headphone jack adaptor
The headphone adaptor itself ships in a small bag – doesn’t look cool, but reduced packaging costs:
blister Brando headphone jack adaptor
The adaptor is about 10 cm long and plugs into the connector at the bottom of the Treo. You then plug in the headphones into the bottom end:
inuse Brando headphone jack adaptor
I used my Icemat headset for testing the sound quality – and cant complain at all. Music sounds loud and clear with PocketTunes Deluxe, and the output definitely sounds like true stereo(you can make out a left and a right channel).

Overall, Brando’s 7$ adaptor does all that it promises – it allows your Treo to use classic 3’5 inch headphones without quality or volume loss(not audible to me, at least). I can’t find anything negative here…Brando did it again!

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