Frequent TamsPalm readers will still be able to recall the TamsPalm reader link feast we announced last month – anyways, due to various delays, it got delayed until now. Anyways, for all those who are new to TamsPalm; many TamsPalm readers have web sites of their own. We wanted to gather all of them in one place and categoprize them…and here they are(in no particular order):

Gadget Blogs
Dennis sent in a link to his blog called WAP review. This site looks at all kinds of mobile data stuff!

Theo Poon has his ever-interesting and always-popular blog on all kinds of gadgets. He covers a wide range of mobile stuff, but still owes us that Samsung review he promised some time ago:

Miscellaneous blogs
bgrier sent us CanuckTek. The site seems to be about all kinds of stuff technology and canada related.

Palm OS sites
Alex sent in a link to TreoBits – a web site dedicated to Treo smartphones.

FredPC and Chris sent in their canadian Palm OS web site CanuckPDA.

Macey has an excellent blog for new Palm OS users. While her articles and reviews may not always be interesting for a pro, they are very well done and include a little movie of each program!

Programming sites
Brennan has a ‘coder shack’ blog that looks at Win32 and Palm OS programming.

Jonathan Hayes sent in a link to his web site on Palm OS programming.

Michael Perry has a blog on his experiences as a programmer for mobile devices and web services.

P.s. If you are a webmaster of one of the sites in question, please add a link to this site in order to drive some traffic to your fellow comrades!

P.s.2 If you want your site included here, just post a comment! We will add you to the next edititon!

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  1. There is an other great french palm mobile site than i use often (i’m not the author) :

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