A few days ago I discovered  these pictures and the saddening story of a ruined, vandalized and almost killed Palm T3 on www.nexave.de:

The Front of a mangled Palm T3 The Back of a mangled Palm T3

According to the owner, the Palm was lost or stolen. Two days later he got a call from a Kindergarten located in a remote part of his city: Playing kids found the remains of his T3 and gave it to one of the grown-ups. They tried to turn it on and to everyone’s surprise, the Palm powered on and revealed the name and phonenumber of the owner!


So some retarded moron ripped off the slider, made two deep cuts into the display and even tried to break open the SD-Slot and the Palm still powered on to display the owner-information? Impressive, really impressive… (the Palm, not the dumbass who did that)


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5 Responses to “Palm PDAs and dumb people don’t match”

  1. Can you give me the link?

  2. Hi,
    looks bad. The problem is:

    where can you get the replacement parts…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. Well, a Palm is really hard to kill !
    (so i can’t understand why many people say that Palm’s dead ?) ;-)

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