According to InfoWorld, Skype plans to introduce a Skype Client for Symbian powered mobile phones before Christmas. There is little interesting data for a Palm OS freak in the announcement – except for one thing.

Skype seems to be busy expanding its grip onto mobile devices with its client software. Windows Mobile was the first(and easiest) big platform to target – Symbian was the number two. OK, and who comes after Symbian – yes, our beloved Palm OS.

If Skype wants to hit the mobile phone sector hard, they will need to go for the Treos eventually. Once their system works with GPRS(IMHO, the lack of WLAN is the main thing that holds Skype back), hitting the millions and millions of Palm OS powered Treos with Skype for Palm OS is a natural thing to do.

It is entirely possible that this client will cost you money(not freeware), and it could even have a very restrictive DRM system to prevent cracking. However, not doing at least some sort of client for Palm OS would be suicide on Skype’s end now that Hutchkinson 3 is starting to gang up with MSN(more on that soon). It looks as if the IM war has now become a carrier affair – but more on that another day…

Do you expect to see a Skype client for Palm OS? When?

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4 Responses to “Symbian gets an official Skype Client…is Skype for Palm OS next?”

  1. I doubt it will happen. In the meantime Palm folks have to be content with the likes of EQO.
    As for myself I use Minowireless – not a bad VOIP solution for the Treo which does not require heavy data usage.

  2. Hi Palmdoc,
    I doubted it too…until they hit symbian. Now that thery have the two major players covered, number three should follow suite. Just look at SlingBox – first WinMob, then Symbian and now planning Palm OS!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. So, where is Skype for Symbian now? It’s the end of 08, if I am not mistaken…

  4. Hi,
    sorry to say so, but no debut so far. Looks like carrier’s interests remain too strong…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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