tejpWriter has always beem my favourite plain-text editor for the Palm OS – many TamsPalm articles were written in it(review of version 3.0). Peter Thorstenson now sent me a new beta of version 3.40 which is scheduled to be released on the 6th of November.

Improvements in this version include:

The 3.40 release is featuring strong encryption of text files and a true HTML 4.01 export of tW Formatted documents. Apart from this, it’s a button release. ;-) All Editor buttons are now working and three of the Viewer buttons.
Many bug fixes and an improved memory handling aiming to make it less likely to crash.

New in v3.40:
HTML 4.01 export of tW Formatted text
Built-in VFS file manager functions
AES 256/128 bit CBC encryption
Automatic import of MS Word documents
Enhanced font and color selection
A new mono spaced font
Analog progress indicator
Powerful Word Lookup functions
Viewer Back and Forward navigator
Viewer TOC button
tWF, updated text format
Memo import/export by launching daMemoPad
AciiPopDA launcher

In addition, the backspace bug I have encountered on my Treo 600 is said to be fixed, too!

You can download tejpWriter 3.40 here.

Please tell me what you think! Bugs, etc can be posted as comments here – Peter Thorstenson reads TamsPalm and will find them for sure!

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10 Responses to “tejpWriter 3.40 beta – exclusive for TamsPalm readers”

  1. Wow – love it.
    Also great to have a manual for the latest version. Also helped that I RTFM :)

    An example – Navigating text – to toggle between Line up/down and Page up/down just press 5-way Navigator Center button. Brilliant and fast!

    Thanx! Off to write the great American novel – lol

  2. Hi Ted,
    great to see you enjoying the product!

    BTW, it may sound funny, but Peter Thorstenson actually writes novels and books! A few samples are here:

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. Well I wish there was a little more doc on the low res side of the equation. I’m assuming that I need the lowres stuff for my T600.

    Anyways based on an installation using the “LowRes Experimental” files versus the standard files I’ve found the following “bugs”

    1. Backspace issue when using “CAPS-LOCK” and “NUM-LOCK”
    2. There seems to be a issue with typing repetitive backspaces.

    If these are the same backspace “issue” you mentioned Tam, then these are not new. Regardless, these are easy items to work around in my book. I look forward to much more playing with it in the near future.

  4. I never intended to support lowres because the viewer ONLY works in highres. Tam made me slip in a limited support for editor only when he tested Z22. There are some issues, like the fonts on the tapboard. I have no lowres device and no simulator, so it’s kind of hard to make it work well just by guessing. If it works, it’s fine. If not, well … Sorry for that.
    Maybe with time and help from lowres users it will get better. I’m receptive for patches. The source will be available at my site after release.

  5. nick,
    If you like tejpWriter and want to help me testing, mail me. You an find my address at http://twriter/atspace.com
    Maybe we can fix the backspace problem.

  6. But imho there is a simulator both for Treo 600 and Zire 31 at Pluggedin.palm.com , and some other simulators can be switched to LoRes mode.

  7. Hi Rick,
    the backspace problem I had was that backspace simply didn’t work at all on my Treo 600.

    Peter then sent me a beta where backspace worked somewhat…and that was it for me back then…my favourite text editor now on Treo 600.

    Would you mind writing up a bit about lowres usage?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  8. Alexander,
    Sure there are simulators, but they don’t fit into my T5. You see, I don’t have any PC. =O
    So, everything that has to do with tejpWriter, is done on my T5. tW is a pure Palm app!
    That’s one reason to why I decided to only work with highres. Another reason is that lowres puts limitations which makes it impossible to do what I want to do on the Viewer side. But if the public thinks it’s worth having a lowres support for Editor only, I’ll do what I can, if I get help testing. I might even support lower Palm OS versions that has VFS support. But only if I get testers who are willing to help, and maybe not in this release.

    As Tam said, the backspace bug was fixed on a special version I sent to him, but then I had to sense whether it is a Treo 600 or not, and that’s probably where it went wrong. So you are more than welcome to help me testing, if you want to. ;-)

  9. Well as for the tap board, I actually hadn’t tried it, and yes I can see where the fonts go “strange” basically it prevents the optional keys from being visible, but on a treo with a full qwerty keyboard, one would not need the tap board to often. A side comment, the default colors on mt treo are showing a blue background and a white foreground, if this is the way it is suppose to be, great choice. very easy to read. I’m not a big fan of the black text on white when it comes to a small device. The contrast works out really nice. And I said in the email, just send me any thing you’d like me to test. I’m an avid backuper so I’m not to worried about a “crash”. And of course any bugs I find, I’ll pass back your way.

  10. one more quick bug, (at least with lowres side) when I tapped the ‘()’ symbol at the bottom, it seemed to freeze/lock my system requiring a softreboot

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