Access(the new owners of PalmSource) have unveiled a new logo a few days ago – we couldnt it post it before due to technical problems. Anyways, here is the new logo:
access logo New Access Logo
The release of the new logo marks the beginning of a process to join/merge PalmSource into the Access name. So, essentially, the classic PalmSource logo and name is almost history…

This is the full press release:

TOKYO, Japan and SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 12, 2006—ACCESS CO., LTD., (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813) today unveiled a new brand identity that signifies a milestone in the Companys history and further highlights ACCESS evolution as a leading provider of solutions for the mobile phone and device markets. In addition, the Company also announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, Inc., has begun the process of transitioning its company name to “ACCESS”.

ACCESS and PalmSource are both recognized as pioneers in the mobile phone and device markets with their respective product and technology portfolios. ACCESS NetFront™ browser (which recently surpassed 279 million deployments globally representing 923 unique devices ranging from mobile phones and PDAs to digital televisions, gaming consoles, and automobile telematics systems from major Internet device manufacturers) is widely recognized as one of the most advanced Internet browsers in the world.

PalmSource is the company behind Palm OS®, a leading operating system powering mobile devices and phones. More than 40 million mobile phones, handhelds, and other mobile devices run PalmSource software. PalmSource and its proprietary platform known as Palm OS have given rise to a large community of users, enterprises, developers and manufacturers, who together make up the ACCESS Powered™ Economy (previously known to developers as the Palm Powered Economy).

Together, ACCESS and PalmSource are committed to developing products and platforms that are designed to optimize the capabilities of mobile phones and devices. The first product to leverage the collective technologies and expertise of ACCESS and PalmSource is the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP), announced in February 2006.

New Integrated Global Web Site

In addition to the new logo, ACCESS has launched a new global web site that integrates, updates, and expands the information previously available on the standalone PalmSource and ACCESS web sites.

The new ACCESS web site can be viewed at

What do you think?

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