Most of you probably know – and hate – them…flyers. Yeah, those annoying papers some guy/gal pushes into your hand while you are exiting a subway/railway station/open doors day/foo advertising some kind of service or product. Usually, one can quickly identify their presence by the leftovers on the floor.

For a Palm OSmarketer, trying out channels that aren’t PR or classic ads may sound tempting – but imho, it simply isn’t worth using flyers…read on for my Flyer killer laws!

Distribute at a place where people are busy
Imagine the following: you have a Treo in your left phoning, and carry a bag in your right. If someone gives you a flyer in this situation, are you likely to take it? On the other hand, if you are waiting in a 500m queue, won’t you be happy about some distraction?

Distribute at a place where no one is interested
This one is straightforward – advertising guns at the antigun meeting or advertising Palm powered devices at a amish/luddite meeting probably won’t work. Clear?

Distribute flyers for a very cheap product
Flyers cost money per copy – unlike a banner, you usually pay per person that gets a flyer. If a single flyer costs 10 cents and you earn 10 bucks on a program, you need at least 2 percent reach to be successful – unless your audience is well targeted, just forget it imho…

Use unqualified distributors
Use distributors who chuck the flyers into the bin or give them to people who obviously aren’t interested. A skilled distributor can greatly improve campaign efficiency – while he may be more expensive, the efficiency benefit is imho worth it.

BTW – I was motivated to this piece by a truly horrible campaign at our school by a local bank. In fact, the distributor gave me 50 cards and begged me to throw them away…as if this was effective.

What’s your worst flyer experience?

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