SD cards have become cheaper and cheaper on a per-MB basis over the last few years. This has led to multiple SD cards per user and PDA – protective cases are usually not capable to accomodate for more than one or two cards though. Proporta’s keyring is intended to simplify transportation – lets see how it fares!

Proporta’s products ship in envelopes via regular mail. I never received a damaged gadget yet – the loads of advertising paper make for good padding:
0a Proporta SD/MMC Keyring review 0b Proporta SD/MMC Keyring review

The keyring is very small. Here is a comparison shot next to a Treo 600:
1a Proporta SD/MMC Keyring review 1b Proporta SD/MMC Keyring review 1c Proporta SD/MMC Keyring review

Cards get inserted into the ‘pouch’ at the back of the keyring. When the card holder ships, fitting a card in is impossible. You need to use the stylus to ‘pry’ the slot open:
2a Proporta SD/MMC Keyring review 2b Proporta SD/MMC Keyring review 2c Proporta SD/MMC Keyring review

Inserting an SD card works well after a few attempts – removing the card works well too due to the stylus.

The manufacturing quality of the keyring is excellent – I have not noted any kind of problem with it.

Overall, if you want to store your memory cards on your keyring, this thingy is the way to go. Product quality is good, and so is design and functionality. The overall price of the unit is a very reasonable 3.95$.

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  1. It is currently Nov 2008 and I found this post only now. This is the perfect gift for the geek in your life that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on or your cheap a** self too. Think I am going to have to pick up one… or ten for backup

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