Some Palm OS applications are very well suited to display in a Today-style overview screen. PocketPC’s have had their default Today screen program and API for a long time – Palm(Source) never included one into Palm OS, and developers thus need to live with a variety of different third-party applications.

I need to write a few plugins soon, and decided to start off with 2day. 2day’s plugin API is excellentely documented in the SDK, which can be obtained here:

Do you have SDK links for other launchers?

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2 Responses to “ShSh 2day plugin API”

  1. Hi … i ve just read your articles.

    Are you interested by the kLauncher sdk ?

    It’s well documented yet … (need to be finish). but you ll have an idea.

  2. Hi,
    sent it via email please =).

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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