As you may have already noted, I have started(and finished…hehe) on a Daily Quote for Palm OS plugin for ShSh’s 2day program. I still had a few questions – and Shimon gladly answered them. The answers could be very useful for other TamsPalm readers – enjoy!

> a) Does the L tag need a closing tag


> b) Do I need to enclose a text that’s in b in t tags, too(is b text b
> enough or must I do b t text t b)

It MUST be b t…./t /b

> c) What happens if the text is longer than can be displayed at a time -
> does it scroll automatically

Not at the moment – the text is truncated.

> d) If I have a plugin with the creator Dail and the main appl file with
> the creator Dail, who gets the launch code? Will it be sent to the appl
> or the plugin? Do I need to get an extra creator ID for the plugin?

The launch code for returning data to be displayed will be sent to
the plugin. When the user presses on the plugin line – the app will
be launched.

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3 Responses to “A few hints about the 2day plugin API”

  1. excuse me,but I got a big problem to solve. I’m using Xplore(GSPDA) M68 which us Palm OS 5.4.0, but there are tones of software cannot run on it, it all shows (sys 0505) (0,1135) error message. It should cause my phone don’t support Glue library, it happened on clie N73v as well.

    I wonder if there are a lib file or a hack program can solve this problme? Do you have any clue?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Li,
    Glue library?? IMHO, thats something that gets integrated at compile time.

    Ill maybe buy myself an M70 for Christmas – we can then see how it all works out! Meanwhile, I cant say much though…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. Thank you, Tam! By the way, the DTG and Bugme+5.24 can’t work on it because this weard problem.

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