F-Secure has just released the first ever(IMHO) firewall product for a mobile device – looks like we’ll soon have the plethora of security tools living on our desktops on the go, too(luckily not for Palm OS Garnet though).

Anyways, a friend of mine(of limited credibility, he likes to drink very much very often) reported me that he had a mobile phone virus on this Hutchkinson 3g(called 3 in Austria) Nokia – and the carrier automatically sent him a virus removal tool at no charge.

Apparently, Hutchkinson has a lot of Nokia handsets that see a lot of “Multimedia computer” use – and has decided to combat mobile phone virii on his network. If every carrier would do this, the mobile phone virus “market” would probably disappear….

How did your carrier handle your last virus infection?

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  1. Tell the drinker neither to drink nor to install anything. Then nothing can happen.

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