Do you like Pool? If you like Pool, I’m sure you also like DeluxeWare’s PoolDeluxe. You have several game modes:

Snap C1840904 Pool Deluxe review

Quick play: Just adjust some options and play versus a computer opponent or a friend on one palm (no multiplayer via bluetooth or infrared)

Career play: You play on different tables versus different opponents for stakes. If you get more money you are able to play on further tables and versus harder opponents.
Snap C18495A1 Pool Deluxe review

Tournament: Play a tournament with the K.O. system with 7 computer opponents
Snap C18498EB Pool Deluxe review

Practice: You play an endless 8 ball game alone.

Statistics: Shows some statistics about your losses and winnings in different game modes and levels:
Snap C1840915 Pool Deluxe review

Settings: Adjust some graphic settings, visualization and sound settings
Snap C18409C2 Pool Deluxe review

The Game:
Snap C1840AD2 Pool Deluxe review Snap C1840B4A Pool Deluxe review Snap C184080D Pool Deluxe review Snap C1840932 Pool Deluxe review

You are able to regulate how hard you batch the white ball, and on which point you hit it. With the touchscreen you roughly set the position of the cue, and with the 5 way navi or the two arrows on the bottom of the screen you do y fine adjustment.

Overall I really like this game! The game does only have 3 (nice) background songs, they get a bit annoying as time passes be. The sounds, when one ball hits another ball sounds good. The graphic is good too for a palm. The only thing I don’t like about PoolDeluxe is that you can’t save your advancement. I think it’s a very good pool game for your Palm powered handheld.

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  2. I always found that this types of games get kind of boring as you can’t communicate the feeling of actually hitting the ball.

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