This review was written a year ago, but I forgot to post it(and posted it now due to John Wilund’s request). The E2 is still for sale, although packaging and branding have changed!
The Tungsten E2 is PalmOne’s low-end business machine. It retails for roughly 200€ and-actually-isnt that bad.

Packaging and size
The shipping package and its contents already were covered in the first impressions. Anyways, my TE2 didn’t have any scratches, although it could rattle around quite a bit.

The screen-like already said-works great. On my unit, it doesn’t hiss loud. You can hear silent whining when held next to your ear-but overall, the silence is impressive. These indoor shots with a Sharp screened T3 should help bringing my point over:
lowscreen The Tungsten E2 Review midscreen The Tungsten E2 Review hiscreen The Tungsten E2 Review
However, Palm still didnt manage to illuminate the silkscreen area-a feature liked on the infamous m505. Thus, you type blindly at night.

The E2 has the dimensions of an E and thus should be able to share styli and cases. Resetting an E2 is easier, as the reset button is bigger. It can be used with the stylus tip, but rattles around quite a bit:
fronts The Tungsten E2 Review backs The Tungsten E2 Review
However, it now is equipped with Palms new multiconnector. Mini USB peripherals need to be updated.
connectors The Tungsten E2 Review
The stylus of the E2 is non-telescopic and is thinner than a TT stylus(the image shows a Brando one). Since a reset pin is integrated into its back, it could be affected by the corrosion problems:
styli The Tungsten E2 Review
The handheld also has a SDIO slot at the top. It can be used for the Palm wifi card or for regular memory cards.

An E2 can not record audio. 3’5 Headphones now are plugged into the top of the handheld. I personally prefer this to having the jack at the side of the unit as the headphone cord gets less mechanical stress when used in a jacket pocket. The speaker in the back is not really good, one does not hear much when using the handheld. The quality isnt too good either. The headphone port is better than my T3′s sound-wise, there is much more output power available.

Hardware performance
A 200MhZ battery powers the E2. Average speedy scores are good with approx 993%. A PalmPi benchmark takes respectable 5.76 seconds – comparison values are here.

The RAM is NVFS based, you have 26 Megs of 29.7 after a hard reset. The handheld has six megabytes of dynamic ram according to PalmInternals-here is a dump for everyone who is interested:

Heap info (addr, size, flags):
•0 00100000 00600000 1000 Dyn
•1 00700110 01DC4000 1000 DBCache
•2 20020214 01DC4000 2001 ROM

The E2 is a bit slower than a T3 when opening an app that is not in DB cache. WebPro takes about a second(T3 isnt much faster, we’re talking about less than half a second), DocsToGo 7 also. Softresetting a half-full TE2 takes about two times as long as my full T3-this is the place where I feel the NVFS.

The E2 has the communication features the T1-T5 had. The infra-red receiver is located at the top of the unit, a TE2 had no problems beaming a file to a T3 at a range of about 3m.

The bluetooth transmitter appears similar to the T3′s. However, the stack seems to be the T5 one. You can control the bluetooth transmitter from the command bar, the transmitter status is also visible in the launcher. Clicking this icon does not do anything though:
newstack The Tungsten E2 Review bton The Tungsten E2 Review btoff The Tungsten E2 Review
The E2 has the same button layout like the E. The 5way and 4 application buttons are comfortably sized for my hands and give good tactile feedback. The power button feels worse, it was the main TE problem and doesn’t feel improved.

All I can say so far is that a powered-on E2 charges over both USB and its charging cable!

So far, I can say that the machine works well for me. If you have questions or remarks, please post them here!

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