The For Dummies series has a bad reputation in some circles as one says that it is too ‘shallow’ to be of any real use – and indeed, you probably cant get an university diploma with for Dummies books. But Micro ISV’s don’t need diplomas – they need a knowledge boost, and they need it fast. Lets see how PR for Dummies fares in this department:
frontt Public Relations for Dummies review backt Public Relations for Dummies review

Like most Dummies books, it is subdivided into sections that are further subdivided into chapters(that can be read independently from one another). The book starts out with explaining how media and PR agencies work together, and also takes a look at what PR agencies do and cost.

After that, the focus goes on to written media. Press releases, feature articles and so forth…you get to see everything. I especially enjoyed the list of events one can piggyback on – more coming here one day or the other.

TV and radio interviews are explained in considerable detail, too. The treatment of those goes beyond ‘what to do on stage’- it also gives hints on how to get there. Short chapters on managing a crisis and having an outdoor event are explained too. Finally, the last part of the book contains various top ten lists.

The text itself is written in an amusing way and contains quite a few real-world examples. This book doesn’t read like a scientist’s book but rather like a book for everyone – and that’s great!

Overall, if you aren’t happy with your sales and don’t want to/cant afford a PR agency, get this book by all means. While it will be difficult to get onto TV with a Palm OS product, the ideas contained herein will make your creative mind fly for sure!

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