Now that Brad Green’s review of the streaming features of Kinoma 4EX has sunken in, our new author Jonas Sell brings along a piece about Konoma 4 in use as a local media player(read: TCPMP replacement;.)).

Though Kinoma is designed for streaming, it is possible to play media which is located on SD card. Kinoma supports file types such as wmv, flv (from Google Videos and Youtube) , asf, jpg, mp3 etc. All supported files are displayed in a list at startup. A tap on it, and Kinoma opens them. When you e.g, open an image you have the ability to zoom and to drag. The image viewer decreases the quality of the image, so it is not possible to zoom in without getting stray pixels even when the image is in high quality. A slideshow is possible, too.
Kinoma Kinoma Player 4EX   local capabilities Kinoma0000 Kinoma Player 4EX   local capabilities Kinoma0003 Kinoma Player 4EX   local capabilities
But it supports video files, too. Kinoma is the first program for Palm which is able to play WMV formats. But especially this causes several problems: a lot of files need much system power which is sometimes not available so that the video is ‘jumping’. In this case on can convert the files with KinomaProducer but then other, free, solutions are more powerful. In addition, sometimes sound is not available or there is no picture (because of the WMV 8/7 codecs which aren’t licensed by Microsoft any longer).

Sound files can be played, too. But it is not possible to play them in background: exiting Kinoma – the music stops. The volume control via one-hand-navigation is a bit difficult: you have to navigate to the volume-control-icon. Next, you have to press the center-key and you can change volume with up-down buttons.
Kinoma0001 Kinoma Player 4EX   local capabilities Kinoma0002 Kinoma Player 4EX   local capabilities
Here ends the TamsPalm team’s take on Kinoma 4 EX – what about telling us how you feel?

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2 Responses to “Kinoma Player 4EX – local capabilities”

  1. For me the only thing which is better than TCPMP+PocketTunes is the ability to play *.flv files. But the all-in-all handling feels much more comfortable with pTunes for audio files (Update 4.x was great,too) and TCPMP for video. Their performance is a bit higher too. Some videos play smoothly on tcpmp but not on kinoma.

  2. .wmv-playback sucks. Even on a T3 overclocked to “ouch”, it’s more like looking at a slideshow :-( That’s probably not a fault of Kinoma – the codec is just too much for our Palms. Maybe we should wait ’till we can buy Palms with the new PXA320 :-)
    Next issue: After using Kinoma4 my powerbutton somestimes does not work anymore (ie. you can’t turn the Palm off). Really annoying.
    .flv-support is nice but I don’t feel like buying Kinoma4 just for that…. too many drawbacks, bugs and quirks.

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