Joel Spolsky is mostly known for his blog Joel on Software and his bug management program FogBugz. Less people know that he also gathers blog articles that he likes once a year or so into a book.
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Each of the articles in the book is from a different blogger and thus also has a different topic. Joel Spolsky has added editorial comments to each of the articles – I really liked those.

The book looks at a variety of topics ranging from managing software development to Ruby on Rails.The topics are very diverse but nevertheless interesting to read and think through.

For example, you find an article about how making employees work too much can backfire. Another article looks at marketing and crossing the chasm. Others look at great hackers, etc – and you even get to look at a few amusing comics.

If you like one of the articles, tracking down the writer’s blog is easy – my plucker booklist grew by a few blogs while reading this.

Each one of the articles is written very well and easy to understand. I had no problems understanding it and enjoyed it very much!

If you run a software house and feel like you have gained a good grasp of the basics, this book gives you a practical overview. Its well written and makes an interesting read!

P.S. Joel has recently announced that he was running out of articles and asked for submissions to his Reddit!

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