During the develpoment of TCPMP the author published several codecs/plugins but not all of them were available at the same time in a collection. I tried to get every available plugin and at least I hope I got it. Now, here it is. I hope I could help the ones who tried to play a file but couldn’t because of missing codecs.
If you have a codec which is not included you can post it and email it to us.
Get the pack here.

Edit: we had to remove the AAC plugin because of licence reasons.
Anyways, you can get the plugin here.

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27 Responses to “TCPMP 0.72RC1 incl. (nearly?!) all plugins”

  1. Thanks for that as it got annoying to find the other plugins!

    now if only someone was able to port the network streaming to palm

  2. Marvellous. Thank you!

  3. hi there,

    in the …incl. nearly all plug ins zip file there are only orc files… arent those ebook files?
    what to do with?
    (its palm olny not PPC right?)

    thx in advance

  4. Well, *.prc files do not only indicate ebooks. A prc file is normally the windows file format for palm programs – one can’t say in general what you’ll find in it at least :)
    A better description can be found here:

    What you do with it? In this case most of the files are the plugins for TCPMP. Each plugin provides the ability to play a special file format. So you can choose which formats you want to play and install the necessary files (I would suggest to install all of them). If the plugins are palm-only: I don’t know :D

  5. Hi,
    I tried to install the codecs (copy in TCPMP-Folder) but there are still a lot of Errors.
    Is it right to unzip the codecs and copy in the TCPMP-Folder?
    Thanks for you answer!!!

  6. Hi,I need the codec for wma and wmv please thanks you.

  7. hello

    how is it possible to stream a network video from a axis webcam

    i can only open a file, if i want to open a url, it cant open, . .



  8. TCPMP doesn’t support streaming. You will need Kinoma (or perhaps CoreCodec).

  9. where can i download the konoma oder corecodec ?

  10. Hi,
    both can be purchased at the TamsShop!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  11. question: i have .3gp video files at my mobile phone.

    if i would send them to palm with tcpmp, which one of the plugins do i need for playing .3gp-files?

    (sorry, i do not have the pace for all of them…)


  12. by the way: i saw an “flash” plugin for pocket pc.

    for palm this plugin does not exist, doesn’t it?

    mike again (who pressed submit a bit too fast 1min ago…)

  13. Sorry, I don’t it exactly. Perhaps you will find an answer on 1src.com.

    The flash plugin is also for Pocket PC. If there were source codes for it, it could perhaps be ported to Palm OS…

  14. 1. and which plugin is for playing 3gp-files?

    2. what is the difference in using avc- or ffmpeg-plugin? both play mp4-files…


  15. Hi,

    I asked the fellow who developed the FLV plugin a bit back… He said he had it built, but didn’t ever reply to me when I asked for the prc… :( I guess one could try to build the code, but I don’t know what kind of changes would be necessary…

    Ad for avc/ffmpeg, imo, mp4 is just a container format, and the ffmpeg and avc are the video codecs contained with.

    Best regards,
    Ryan Rix

  16. Thanks for the group of codecs. This just made swapping video between my Treo and Ipod easy.

  17. I cannot unzip the file no matter what program I use. Does anybody have a copy that works that I can get?

    Thank you.


  18. ZIP file ist OK here. Anyways – I’ve repacked it. Perhaps it works better:

  19. Thank you SOOOO much man!

  20. Thank you so much. You have simplified my life =)

  21. Hi,
    it was our pleasure!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  22. I just acquired a Palm Tungsten T2 (rom Ebay). I run a Mac Mini, Snow Leopard, and have installed Mark Space Missing Syns and your TCPMP-72RC1. However, when i drag-n-drop any song from ITunes, Ican’t play MPEG$acc songs, or view any iPhoto pictures. Help

  23. Hi Jim,
    thank you so much.

    Have you tried to get in touch with Mark/Space customer service?

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  24. Thank you for this. Fantastic!

  25. Tanks :D DD

  26. Gracias compa necesitaba los plugins para ver unos videos de mi otro telefono celular

  27. How do I install the plugins???????

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