The last versions of Pocket Tunes were mainly designed for using them as MP3 player for static files from an external media. Ok, they were able to stream but now it is much better implemented.

The new version adds a lot of streaming features: It gives you easy access to a wide variety of internet radio stations directly from your palm or you can use your own playlists. You can access the list of available stations via the menu.
pTunes40000 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming

When you launch it the first time Pocket Tunes will establish an internet connection and download the whole database to your device, the size is about 35 kb. Next it will present you the list � divided into several categories like Country, Comedy etc.
pTunes40002 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming

Clicking on one of the entries opens a list with the available radio stations. In this window you can redefine the stations order, you can select them for playing and you can send the entries via Bluetooth etc to other devices.
pTunes40001 Pocket Tunes 4 review   StreamingpTunes40006 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming

But what when some radio stations change their stream URLs? Then you can edit the entry or you can try to update the list. This can be done from the menu.
pTunes40003 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming pTunes40004 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming

Once you have selected your station and you pressed �Play� Pocket Tunes returns to the main screen in which it displays the whole stations which are listed in the category from which you have chosen your station. It also shows you the actually played song.
pTunes4 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming

Adding your own stations to the list is very easy. Simply choose the category in which it should appear (perhaps you want to create your own category, that�s possible, too). Then simply choose �Add� from the menu and you can enter a name and the URL to the stream.
pTunes40005 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming

But if you are having a playlist and you do not want do type the URL manually you can simply copy the *.pls file to your SD card. Then go to the menu from which you can select your audio files from card. When you tap on �All� Pocket Tunes starts to search your device for supported files. Now you can access your copied playlists via �Playlists�, there they should appear.
pTunes40007 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming pTunes40008 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming

Perhaps you have noticed the point �Internet Radio�. Selecting this item takes you to an other view of the internet radio stations category overview. From here you can select your stations, too.
pTunes40009 Pocket Tunes 4 review   Streaming

Pocket Tunes is able to handle Mp3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC streams. I have tried PTunes4 with a Palm TX and a blue2net Bluetooth Access Point. In further versions I sometimes had dropouts when listening to web radio then Pocket Tunes had do buffer again. Now this has completely changed. Re-buffering nearly didn’t come up during my test. So it got much more enjoyable.
Using Pocket Tunes in combination with a mobile phone for streaming requires a data flatrate because traffic can get very high.

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