Using Palm OS handhelds to, um, gain a little advantage over the average, non-Palm OS-equipped pupil at school seems to be a very common thing among us – but Bluetooth wireless gadgets apparently can be used for more not exactly legal deeds.

Indian Chess player Umakant Sharma was banned from playing competitive chess for 10 years(yep, ten) after authorities found out that he used a bluetooth headset sewn into his cap to receive orders from a partner running Hiarcs chess on a computer.

While Mr.Sharma made a very dumb mistake by copying the moves of the PC 1:1, this nevertheless shows how bluetooth can be abused. If he hadn’t been copying 1:1, he probably would still be playing….

Get more information here:
Wikipedia on Umakant Sharma
TheInquirer report

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One Response to “Chess cheating with bluetooth”

  1. So the stupid one got caught, that leaves all the smart cheaters in there! I’m quitting chess!

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