Smaato News is a RSS/newsreader program (not only) for PalmOS. It offers several preconfigured channels, but one can also add individual feeds. The program supports all kinds of RSS and Atom feeds.
smaato1 Smaato News review
I tested it with the feed of my own news site and there was no problem. But be careful: some feeds deliver the whole text of the article, some other only show the headlines. In this case, the corresponding article can be opened in the web browser by tapping on the “read more” link.
smaato2 Smaato News review
The feeds are updated “over the air” or via Hotsync-Conduit (there have been problems with the speed of the sync via conduit in older versions, but this problem is going to be fixed. A version with improved conduit is coming soon according to a company insider).

One can limit the traffic in order to avoid high costs (if you don’t have a unlimited data plan). Another service is also included: a weather forecast which is also updated during the sync. Smaato says that further services will be integrated.

Smaato News officially is only for Treo devices (both PalmOS and WindowsMobile). But I tested it on my Tungsten T3 with Wifi card and it worked perfectly. Only HiRes+ is not supported. On my Treo 680 I had no problems, too.

Overall, Smaato News is a nice program for everyone who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest news easily. And the best thing about it: it’s free!

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