Ever since Dmitry Grinberg announced plans to rewrite the slot driver of current Palm PDA’s to allow them to access SDHC memory cards, my mailbox slowly and steadily filled with requests from users about ETA and project status.

I contacted Dmitry Grinberg a few days agio, and am sad to inform you that as of now there is no ETA for the product. Dmitry says that contract work is keeping him busy at the moment…

This is all the information that we have currently. Please rest assured that we will keep you informed if we hear anything new!

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6 Responses to “News on Dmitry Grinberg’s SDHC driver”

  1. Go Dmitry Grinberg!

  2. Hi,
    we’ll keep you posted!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. Any news? What would be the likely cost?


  4. Please, please, please, please finish this, Dmitry. I will pay $$ for it…..

  5. It has been known for awhile that Dmitry is focusing on Real Life lately. I say good on ya Dmitry.

  6. Hi,
    as said – I still dont have any news on that. However, PalmPowerups seems to currently have major issues with dissatisfied customers….

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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