The status of some famous Linux projects:

Palm Tungsten C
The Tungsten C project made much progress in the near past. A new developer (Bitz) joined the project and made GPE booting of a SD card. Touchscreen and keyboard are also working, and even the Wireless LAN module should be supported soon.

Palm Treo 650
Linux seems to support SD cards, the built-in thumbboard and the touchscreen. Also GPE is working. One week ago, another developer joined the project. So I think there will be some progress in the future.

Palm Tungsten T3
The Tungsten T3 is the most supported handheld. Everything except Bluetooth seems to work, and it is even possible to write a Linux boot loader into the flash (Small ROM) – but be careful with this, flashing the ROM is always dangerous.

Palm TX
According to the project page on, the hardware isn’t fully supported, but several software things have been done: The GPE and OPIE user environments seem to work, USBnet is supported (surfing the web is possible). Bluetooth and Wireless LAN don’t work yet, and especially the Wreless LAN module makes some problems – there seem to be no drivers or no good documentation.

Palm LifeDrive
On the LifeDrive you can also use GPE and OPIE, touchscreen, sound and the hard disk are supported. The card reader makes some problems. The wireless adapters aren’t supported (same problem like on TX).

Palm Treo 680
There is no project yet – it is the most recent handheld of Palm. So let’s hope that there will be support for the Treo 680 in the future.

You can find Linux news and discussions on the main project site

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