The news that Access decided to rename Palm OS(5) to Garnet OS hit us a few days ago – my first reaction was an outburst of maniacal laughter. Garnet means as much as not at all in German, so this was quite funny. But now, a few days after the laugh, I think that this renaming gives the Palm OS economy yet another problem to chew on.

I as a developer will definitely not benefit from the renaming. Marketing campaigns established the name Palm OS in the minds of PDA and smartphone software customers – if it runs Palm OS, it can run Palm OS apps like FileFind or Binary Clock. Now that we have two (compatible(!!!)) OS’ses with different names, developers need to redo their marketing campaigns and sometimes even product names to reflect the new situation. This will lead to long and clumsy names like Daily Quote for Palm OS and Garnet OS(yikes), even more text on already overcrowded banners and generally effort for nothing.

Licensees are in an even bigger dilemma, loosing the benefit of the Palm OS name in their products. I can already imagine millions of Joe Consumers walking into a store, looking at a GSPDA M70 or Aceeca Meazura and asking the clerk if this is compatible with my Palm Os applications.

IMHO, this move wasn’t exactly smart(yes, I know it was necessary and all, but I still don’t like it one bit) – I wonder if Palm will start to license thew Palm name separately to other “Garnet OS” licensees…

What do you think about it?

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2 Responses to “Palm OS becomes Garnet OS – what I think about it”

  1. hello,
    please let me know where to download garnet sdk.


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