Dmitry Grinberg is the enigma and legend of the Palm OS business. His (genious) applications get rave reviews by some, while they absolutely fail for others. He has mastered the art of word-of-mouth-marketing and PR; his eccentric communication style makes his emails unique(I can identify them 5m away from the terminal).

Dmitry gladly agreed to take one of the oh-so-famous 10q interviews for TamsPalm(thank you) – so here we go:

Please tell us more about yourself and your products
Dmitry Grinberg.
Palm Os developer for a few years now.
Software at is mine

what else is there?

Which Palm devices do you currently use, and why
TX2 – it has everything i need :-)
It is small, it has amazing battery life (dynaclock helps), wifi is nice and netfront looks amazing in 640×640 resolution (not a typo…more on that later)

Do you think that a strong Treo 680 will help the Palm software ecosystem
tremendously…this is a treo done right.

What do you think about Palm’s developer resources
Some of the SDK examples had a few bugs, but you cannot really expect completely bug free anything in software today, so I am not too critical of them. One must understand that among millions of lines of code an error is bound to creep in somewhere.

You have taken a very interesting stand on Palm OS software piracy – do you think that pirates help or harm the developer community as whole?
Both. They harm the community if they force developers to waste time creating protection instead of coding. Trust me, If i knew there were no pirates i’d output software 2x faster as i’d not need to spend time to protection techniques. But they also help as their communities are vast and are a great marketing ground.

You have recently been accused of posting a keygen algorithm for Kinoma to a board(1src thread with screenshots). Are you willing to comment on this?
I think I already made it clear that the only reason I hack the os so well is because before I developed software i reverse engineered it. It is just something I did. Anyways whenever I did, I always emailed developers about how it was done and how to make it harder to do.

Furthermore I own all the software I use. I am rather tired of these questions however, so criticize me all you want, but the point is: i’d never hack the os half as good as i do if i hadn’t had the practice i did in the past. Now i’d appreciate no more questions on the topic as it tends to always get annoying fast.

Judge me as a programmer, not as a person.

What do you see as the future of the Palm OS/Garnet OS economy as whole?
Garnet? dead. PalmOS, not so much :-)

Some of your preannounced titles(sdhc driver,..) are much anticipated. Would you maybe give us a bit of insight into whats coming up and when to expect it?
many things are still works in progress that barely work, or some not yet even that. I have very little time this semester (90 hours or classwork per week is what it is nowadays).

My top priorities are: bluepill 1.2, statusbar customizer, HrAssist(640×640 on a 320×320 screen) sdhc, wifi, and then a few other cool things.

What’s your favourite form of advertising?
word of mouth. free and powerful.

Anything you would like to add?
do not let palmos die. it lives as long as we do not give up on it

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8 Responses to “Dmitry Grinberg interview”

  1. “Anything you would like to add?
    do not let palmos die. it lives as long as we do not give up on it”

    Like he said, the PalmOS is not dead. It is only “dead” to those that believe that it is dead.

    Nice interview btw.

  2. “do not let palmos die. it lives as long as we do not give up on it”

    .. what a great answer..

  3. Halleluyah (speling is worng?)! PalmOS will live for ever if we let it.

  4. So, what’s this 640×640 on a 320×320 screen stuff? ;)

  5. Fun comment about piracy. If Dmitry would send the registration key to his honest buyers, this would not have to happen.
    Look at the many request on the palmpowerups forum. I am waiting myself since a month to get my key…

  6. How about helping out the people that payed for your software and need a reg code? Some support. Peek at the forums on and see all the content customers.

  7. Hi,
    to all those of you who haven’t received an unlock code from Dmitry yet. Please send me an email to Tamog AT gmx DOT at and I will see what I can do for you all!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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