The Carnival of the Capitalists is one of the longest-running blog carnivals on the web. It covers all kinds of business-related topics and usually gets at least 50 entries sent in – recently, hosts were allowed to filter. I took the freedom to make this edition of the carnival relevant to Micro ISV’s in the Palm OS business – if you didn’t get included this week, next week’s host will probably like your post better!

I took the freedom to divide the posts into categories for easier locating – this has served us well for the Carnivals we hosted before – never change a working system!

David Maister looks at what managers do wrong most of the time.

Slow Leadership takes a look at why communication fails.

Small Business Trends brings in an article looking at what people who get employed at small companies tend to miss the most.

Travis A. Sinquefield brings us an interesting article comparing Task Motivation and Goal Setting – an interesting read for all employee motivation freaks.

Tyner Blain brings a few guidelines for calculating ROI efficiently.

Wayne Hurlbert looks at the benefits of good customer care.

IT and somewhat related stuff
Our old friend Pawel Brodzinski(have him on my Plucker list for half a year now) brings along a post with his top reasons on why subcontracting fails.

fivecentnickel brings us an interesting post on expiring miles in frequent-flyer programs. This one could be interesting for everyone who does coupon marketing…

GreatFX brings a cool article on business cards. Their site seems to have loads more of design information – could be a worthwhile blog to follow!

James S Logan writes about the insignificance of “business age” – something to keep in mind when purchasing a product(but not when advertising yourself – ever heard of psychological effects at purchase time:)).

Andrea Dickson takes a look at what’s behind all the Pennystock spam.

BusinessPundits takes a look at how entrepreneurship can be used for flirting(!!!).

If weird suits your taste, Personal Finance Advice’s Conversation with a burglar could be useful in finding the next hiding spot…

BigPictureSmallOffice seems to contain a load of interesting content, although their carnival post is not too interesting.

Self improvement
freemoneyfinance compiles a list called “The best Financial Advice ever“.

Krishna De writes up a list of things to help you complete a (business) book – interesting for all ‘wannabe’ writers.

Wally Bock took a look at promotions and analyzed the ones people consider the most stressful.

Overall, hosting a blog carnival always is a risky thing(you could get all-crap easily). However, I am satisfied with this issue(it contains many interesting blogs to add to Plucker) – what do you think?

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4 Responses to “The Carnival of the Capitalists”

  1. This Week’s Carnival of the Capitalists is Up!…

    Hosted at TamsPalm.
    Here are the first three posts related to DIY Online Business for One that made me click through:

    The first-click-through award goes to John L. Mariotti at Small Business Trends for “Small Business Employment Trends for 2007…

  2. Thank you so much for including my post in this weeks Carnival of the Capitalists. I recognise the work that goes into hosting the Carnival.

  3. Carnivals – Week of 02/12/07…

    FiveCentNickel participated in three carnivals this week. Here they are along with links to my articles that were included in each.
    The Carnival of Personal Finance included “Ten Ways to Cover Your Ass(ets).”
    The Carnival of the Capitalists…

  4. Very nice! dkcfeddkdb

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