According to PhoneNews, Sprint plans to phase out the dog known as Palm Treo 700p in May:

The model is said to be replaced in June by a machine called Sherlock – it will be offered in dark blue and burgundy(read: dark red with a slight pinkish hue) color choices.

Anyways, I have a pretty “wild-assed guess” style theory on what this Sherlock thingy of Palm’s is. Yeah, I don’t have confirmation for all of this – but I know from a trusted source that Palm is developing and testing some kind of clamshell due to be released in approx. the next five months. But lets dive right in…

I personally expect a clamshell handheld somewhat similar to either Nokia Communicator or HTC Universal(probably not a slider technique) with a big(HiRes+) screen, bluetooth/wlan or bluetooth/gprs and some kind of integrated storage that we know and love from the Palm LifeDrive which was recently discontinued.

This is supported by first of all the insider source mentioned above, and also by a few other factors. First of all, clamshell handhelds come out in hoardes currently – HTC Ameo, HTC Universal, etc. Palm has a long experience with keyboards in handheld devices(see: 5way navigation, …) – so why not use the know-how?

Secondary, Palm will probably not want to give up on its “usb” memory idea and technology. OK, the Palm LifeDrive was not exactly well-done in some aspects, but it was a revolutionary idea nevertheless…creating a smart USB stick is still a great idea. I’ll never forget the ahs and ohs I got when I used my Palm Tungsten T3 as USB stick and then viewed the stored files.

Last but not least, Palm hasn’t launched any really innovative “highend” boxen for a long time – its fast loosing the grip on the high-end organizer/Smartphone range, giving leeway to companies like HTC and HP.

To cut a long story short, this year is gonna be crucial for Palm. If Palm releases cool products, it could keep and reclaim its place as industry leader. But, if Palm doesn’t manage to get quality and innovation under control, I expect the “downward spin” to speed up even more. Up or down – what way do you expect us to go?

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12 Responses to “Palm Sherlock – the successor of the Palm Treo 700p”

  1. Well, I dont think they are going to move to a clamshell. It may happen eventually, but palm would be stupid to switch the form factor of their primary product, especially when its the most widely used smartphone form factor on the market. I think it would be nice to have a clamshell released alongside the Sherlock…but thats just my opinion.

  2. I can only HOPE Palm will release a clamshell design!

    The last time there was a production release of a clamshell PalmOS phone was Kyo’s 7135 and Samsung’s unit back about SEVEN years ago! Using OS4 no less!

    Clamshells are a very popular cell phone design, and for very good reasons:
    - Protection of the screen and buttons.
    - Reduces the overall length of the package when not in use.
    - Better fit to a human face, positioning the microphone closer to the mouth for better pickup.

    Palm – I hope you are listening:
    I really wish they would include a lanyard mount point – the only thing worse than putting large ugly stuff all over your small sleek high end handheld, to improve your grip, is actually DROPPING the thing! A small lanyard on a top corner with a loop big enough for a few fingers as you pick it up works wonders in reducing the number of drops to almost nil!

  3. The last palm clamshell I know of is the Xplore m98, but it’s not exactly mainstream

  4. “To cut a long story short, this year is gonna be crucial for Palm. If Palm releases cool products, it could keep and reclaim its place as industry leader.”

    ALP is coming… I hope this will open the new future of Palm and break the growing hegemony of Microsoft. I wish there will be cool new Palms with a modern OS. Still, I don’t have a reason to change my good old T3.

  5. Hi,
    first of all – the problem with ALP is that I’m not sure how many licensees the platform will find. It is already pretty late – Linux devices are coming out fast…

    As for GSPDA, they are one of the saddest companies in the Palm OS area – cool product ideas, but miserable distribution and marketing(not capable to send me a sample to Austria even against payment).

    As for the T3…=).

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  6. I cheated and just bought a m68 via ebay, it’s a nice device, but they’ve not really put enough thought into the non stylus operation for my liking, also I can’t find anywhere selling screen protectors for it :)

  7. I hope it ll be a clamshell with a 480*320 display , wifi, and an Marvel PXA 320.

    I hope ! And of course Palm OS … not alp …

  8. if palm doesn’t wake up real fast, windows mobile 6 is gonna swamp the market- palm has already lost a lot of customers here in europe – they think we live on the moon – due to the lack of integrated wifi – now there are so many devices out running on wm5 that it’s going to get rough for palm- but they NEVER listened to customers’ demands

  9. @Khertan:
    A 480×320 Clamshell would be nice, but with a Marvell PXA320 at full speed, the Phone might look like a Clie NX73….

  10. Simon -

    Your right, there have been several designs done for a PalmOS based clamshell phone, but none that I have seen that have made it into production.

    A big issue with this has been the carrier’s stranglehold on phones and technology.

    This is also an issue for WiFi and BlueTooth issues – they want you to use their networks to download pictures from your phone’s camera, and to buy incrediably over price music from their over the air stores.

    FYI – the FCC (USA) is contemplating action on multiple requests (one from Skype!) to open up the cell phone industry in a fashion similar to what was done about 25 years ago for land-line phones – anyone can produce a certified phone and place it into service with any provider. Obviously, there are some market segmenting issues with GSM vs CDMA, and frequency ranges, but the concept would be incredibly enabling for those of us wanting smartphones with advanced features. Heck, even if you don’t want to use anything other than a current model Treo, this move would allow you to KEEP your phone while moving between Sprint and Verizon.

    If you are in the US, contact you federal congressional representatives and let them know what you want.

  11. HP has been in a death spiral for a long time – they just don’t have the budget for R&D anymore. Don’t look to them for any innovation anytime soon. If anything, they will likely go the way of so many other failed WM licensees.

  12. Is “Sherlock” the same thing as Jeff Hawkins’s secret project? Sounds like it.

    To help everyone understand where mobile computers are headed look to the iPhone. The iPhone is the new iPod.

    I think the Hawkins secret project will be close to the Nokia N93 – a real camera (with a real lens (Zeiss/Canon/Nikon) and a decent 30fps mpeg4 type camera.

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